I was here

Photography, some would argue isnt any an art form. some would say its the newest kid on the block. something photographers will one day (and soon) be replaced with robots and AI and anyone with an iPhone.

Photography is the oldest art form. Think Big Picture. the camera is just the newest in a long list of instruments used to convey to others a simple message. From fingers sketches in the sand, cave paintings, stone carvings... The fundamental message: I was here... I existed. I mattered.

Sebastian alexander
Hong Kong, China-
Winter 2011
Time Travel

Old as Time

What would you say or like to say to you Great Great Great Great Great Grandson.... or to the people of the 24th century.
All that you have gone through, endured throughout your life, the good the bad the ugly -once all done and said .... what's the point of it all?

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