A little about me


I’m Sebastían

A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University (BFA) and the University of Southern California (MM), I specialize in the creation of digital images for the purpose of online marketing - primarily Real Estate Photography, Vacation Rentals, Product and Food Photography.


My Philiosphy

The challenge is to turn static to dynamic. You have to listen. A successful photograph (or any art piece) is that it stimulates all your senses and if you're lucky, see something you have never seen before - that's the experience, that's the journey.


Photography - Old AS TIME

I feel Photography, yes a new genre in the arts filed, yet it isnt. an extension of the very first art form, fingers drawn through sand, cave drawings, the camera is just another instrument that we utilitze we use to live forever, never forget, I was here.


Interesting Fact

I am a classily trained musician and depend more on my ears than i do my eyes. I have a very hard time picturing somehting in my head, i cant do it. So instead I listen and I imagine a feeling and then try and out create something that will trigger that feeling.. or something like that.

Time Travel

Old as Time

What would you say or like to say to you Great Great Great Great Great Grandson.... or to the people of the 24th century.
All that you have gone through, endured throughout your life, the good the bad the ugly -once all done and said .... what the point of it all?

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Sebastian Alexander
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