A Sorta Fairytale

There is a sense of uncertainty you may feel in front of the camera lens, and it can be amplified when you don't receive the feedback that you are accustomed to receiving based on your past experiences.

I understand that. But I also trust my process because it works 97.9%*. Yes, sometimes it doesn't work - and that's OK - then we will find what does.

*87% of all statistics are made up on the spot

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Somebody's Getting Married

Sweet The Sting Package

I dont do weddings -

But I do do (i said do-do) Divorce Photography - and my fee is nowhere near your attorney's and if you have a great attorney, and you should have the best your soon-to-be-former-partner can buy, you can have my fees paid by the-not-so-better-half, in which case you will want the Extreme Deluxe Ultra No Added Sugar Sweet The Sting Package - because you can only get divorced once (per marriage), and we can really make it add up!! **

**makes it sting that much more...


Plan ahead and sign up for my promo Make-Him-Pay-Lay-Away and receive a 20% cash back when you are ready to file - it's like a protected bank account and coupon all in one!

  • Stings
  • "WhoDoneIt" Photos
  • "Once in a marriage" Highlights
  • "He Lost it in Court" & "She Came Undone" Greatest Moments
  • "Tiffany Who?" & "He's DL for sure!!"
  • Roll-The-Dice: Who gets the kids? Reveal
  • Special In-Laws Bonus Feature




"You cant afford to not get divorced!" - Says Expert


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Home away from home
Can't wait to get there
Wishing you could stay forever.

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How do I book a shoot?

You may send a message, an email or book direclty on this site.

How many images will I receive?

I understand why this question is asked, however, one thing very different about me compared to other photographers (or artists in general) is that I don't charge per image. You get as many images that we can create within the time allotted - and even then, you are not charged by time (# of hours) you are paying for a service. Sometimes that service is completed in 30 minutes, others over 2day span. It just depends. If you need or require a minimum number of images, let me know please. Please also include any other technical info as well, such as file format, max or mini size, etc.

Where are you based?

Texas and Southern California - depending on time of year... Currently --The Texas Triangle- (I don't know if anyone else uses that term, I mean the metro and surrounding areas of Dallas, Houston, SAATX (San Antonio & Austin)).

What is your turnaround time?

Depends... on many things.. standard for me is within 48 hours/2 business days. If I need more time or you need less - we need to tell each this.

What gear do you use?

Canon, Sony, Leica, DJI Mavric Mini, Diana F, Lomography , GoDox, Lensbaby, Hassleblad and
MATTERPORT Pro 2 - just to namedrop a few.

Canon EOS-R full frame mirrorless with professional grade Canon and Sigma Lenses. Creative items such as Lensbaby, Lomography, Toy Cameras among lots of analog devices.... Film developement using coffee or wine - I like to experiment.

ADOBE CC 2023, Skylum, DxO NIK Collection are my main software - starting with Adobe and brancing out from there.

Do you do weddings?

I don't do Windows and I don't do Weddings!!! - well , 0K - - Rarely... TBH - the thought of it stresses me out. I do well with candid shots, editorials and with persons. My personality is not the best for being assertive with people. Persons I can handle; people (groups of persons), I get overwhelmed.

I have done and do have future bookings for weddings confirmed, however I do not call myself a Wedding Photographer. My personality & style are perfect as a second shooter for Weddings and/or for B-Role.

How do I pay you?

- In person with cash or check.
- My website does take multiple foams of payment and is my preferred - but you make arrangements how you ever you prefer.
- Venmo, linked to 310.721.6791

How do I get my images?

Your digital images can be delivered to you in several different ways depending mostly on how you choose to make payment...

- you can visit Client's Home through my website, find your shoot, click on it, choose the option to purchase the entrie album through the online store. Once paid, several options will be made available to you, inlcuding link download, Dropbox Sync or Google Drive sync.

- I can invoice you through email and once invoice is paid, the option to download all images will be made available to you.

- I can send you a link to your gallery with the option to download images.